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Political Party “Akcija umirovljenici zajedno” has been founded on the 28th December 2012, when the final conclusions and decisions of the founding assebmly initiated process of registration according to Croatian laws. The party was registered on the 8th veljače 2013, and mr. Darko Križanić become a party president.

The party leadership has already in the establishment process underlined the ambition of building political power toward representing the elderly and their interests. Absolutely any ideological view and exclusively political view on their interest is not in the focus of the party. Party has ambitious to be more like a political union representing those who have only real power in their numbers and amount of political votes.

Very soon after establishment, the party was exposed to the challenges of the upcoming local elections. The party managed candidate lists for the City Council of Ogulin, Duga Resa and Karlovac, and to the County Assembly of Karlovac County. Active work and a good program during the electional campaign has produced outstanding results so that the party has made a city council seat in Duga Resa town, and two seats in the Karlovac County Assembly .

The party will continue to actively work to achieve projects of importance to the elderly. Also very important in the next period is to raise awareness of elderly for active support and participation in the work of the party.

The mission of all of us in this project is openly and wisely, in a legitimate way to raise social awareness about the needs of us elderly, those who were not so long ago built this city and country, in the sweat of our faces, and therefore we have a right to a dignified attitude towards ourselves.

The vision of all of us in this project is the political participation and co-decision in the city council and county Assembly. It is the best way to highlight specific needs of our population. Also our intention is not to give support only to elderly, also to the children and younger and send the message of solidarity to the whole community as well.


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